Knowing Chick’s Gender Through ‘Feather Sexing’

Male & Female chicken

In determining a male chick from a female chick, we have to wait for it to be old enough to show his comb and other physical characteristics associated with a rooster.

But if we are starting a poultry business and we want to have a good ratio of hens to rooster, we need to determine a chicken’s gender as early as possible.

One way to know a chick’s gender is by looking at its wingspread. This is called “feather sexing.”

A hen chick has two distinct rows of long feathers. The feathers in the front part of the wing are longer than the back part. On the other hand, a rooster chick has shorter feathers with unnoticeable row and a tiny wingspan.

The tricky part is that different breeds have different classification of long and short feathers.


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